Tidel Safes


Tidel TACCiiA

The TACC IIa provides a secure and cost effective way to manage a retail organization’s in-store change fund. Leveraging a built in electronic time delay, the TACC IIa enables the dispensing of tubes of notes or coin to enable the making of change right at the register. Multiple time delays can be programmed based on store policies. The TACC IIa also offers two manual drop chutes, to facilitate the deposits of envelopes, checks, and receipts.


Tidel TACC 4

Since its introduction in 1978, the TACC (Timed Access Cash Controller) from Tidel has become the standard for deterring robbery and improving cash handling processes for thousands of retail locations in over 50 countries worldwide. The TACC family has evolved since this time, and is now comprised of the TACC IIa, TACC III, and TACC VI. All TACC products provide a simple, user-friendly interface, easy-to-use cash dispensing, receipt drop operations, and high reliability, all in a cost effective solution. The most recent addition to the TACC family, the TACC VI, provides new and innovative features such as a 7-inch color screen, integrated tube vend module, note validator maintenance door, and a choice of two manual drop vault options. The Tidel TACC family minimizes everyday accounting burdens, allowing your managers and employees to spend more time with customers and less time managing money.


Tidel Sentinel Series 4

The Tidel Tube Vend, when deployed with the Series 4, is a proven cash management system that helps retail organizations reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline in-store management time, and create greater efficiencies in store operations.  The Tube Vend is an effective solution to help a retail organization manage its in-store change fund. The Tube Vend offers 8 columns that can fit up to 11 tubes per column, and each tube can be fitted with either notes or coins. Once the tubes are loaded and recorded using the Series 4 console, the inventory is then automatically tracked and recorded as it is removed by authorized store personnel. The Series 4 end-of-day report will display the amount of cash removed by each employee, by user PIN, along with the amount of cash deposited into the Series 4 note validators or into the manual drop slot. The sum of all transactions, by PIN, will assist the manager in balancing each cashier against their cash sales recorded by the point of sale system. Tube inventory reports will inform the manager how much change is required to load the Tube Vend, which is typically a once per day function.

Tidel Smart Safes


Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser

The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser, powered by the Tidel Series 4e, offers a convenient way to dispense rolled coin on demand, using a secure and auditable process.  Equipped with up to 8 coin magazines, the Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser is an ideal solution for convenience stores, supermarkets, big box retail, or other high volume cash environments. The Rolled Coin Dispenser offers a convenient way for an organization to store and dispense rolled coin whenever needed, representing a complementary addition to a store’s daily cash operations. Dispensing rolled coin on demand minimizes the frequency, and therefore the expense, of third party deliveries of rolled coin.  The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser can be set up to hold quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies in a variety of configurations across the provided rolled coin magazines. Dispensing coins and accessing the coin magazines is completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN. The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser supports 4 coin magazines per cabinet, and can be expanded to support up to two cabinets per Series 4e controller, offering a convenient way to scale the storage capacity of rolled coin whenever required.


Tidel Rolled Coin Disp Inside

•Dispenses rolled coin on demand •Up to 8 rolled coin magazines – supporting quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies •Audible alarm in vault door •System connectivity via data cables (provided with system) •Coin Magazine Capacities (for U.S. Coins) • Standard Capacity System 1¢ – 160 rolls, 5¢ – 130 rolls, 10¢ – 180 rolls, 25¢ – 100 rolls • High Capacity System 1¢ – 320 rolls, 5¢ – 260 rolls, 10¢ – 360 rolls, 25¢ – 200 rolls


Tidel Bulk Coin & Note Dispenser

The Tidel Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser is designed for retail organizations that have a need to dispense notes and coins in high volume, leveraging one integrated system.  The Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser offers coin and flat note dispensing in any quantity. Coins are dispensed into individual cups, and the note dispenser is capable of managing up to 4 cassettes of notes.  The integrated note dispenser enables secure and accountable dispensing of larger volumes of flat notes for start-of-shift till amounts, cash back on debit cards, check cashing, lottery payout and quick replenishment of till funds. The coin dispensing system can dispense variable amounts of presorted coins at the touch of a button. Each coin and note dispensed is counted and accounted for by individual cashier using the PIN-based touchscreen and/or iButton data key system..